Lucas Oil Regional – Branden on the box (Lake Elsinore)

October 10-11, 2015
Lake Elsinore Raceway | Lake Elsinore, CA


Day 1 in the Junior 2 race Branden got rear ended and knocked his carburetor off he finished 18th only doing 6 laps. Amanda finished 8th after she kept getting bounced around like a “pin ball” as she said, with parts flying off her car left and right.

Day 2 Amanda qualified 4th and Branden qualified 6th they inverted the field for the start, Amanda had to start on the pole. She was leading a majority of the race until the second to last lap when Mia and Cole passed her on the outside. On the last lap she was sitting in 3rd when she got in an accident with second place, taking them both out of the race for a podium spot. Branden was sitting in 5th place when his sister got in the accident letting him finishing on the box with a 3rd place win.