The Drivers

Branden Sorensen

About Me
Branden is a Las Vegas native, raised in the heat of the desert. He has spent many hours in the water and on the dirt. Athletic ability and competitive drive are two traits that Branden has demonstrated since he first learned to walk. He has been riding on either two or four wheels from the age of three and developed a love for riding in the desert and dunes. While traveling to participate in national events for each of his chosen sports, he has been able to excel to the top. He has a desire to be a winner.

At only 11 years old, Branden has a good understanding of mechanics and has even learned some of the basics of fabrication and to weld. He loves to work with his dad in the fabrication shop. He can often be found in there working on his quad, RC cars or his dirt bike. He has a desire to know how things work and will often research how to build or fix things on his own. Branden also excels academically. He is always at the top of his class and a straight A student, even though he often substitutes a race event or water sports competition for a day at school.

Amanda Sorensen

About Me
Amanda Sorensen is already an athlete at the age of 12. She has done everything from ice hockey to gymnastics. Amanda has searched many sports and activities trying to find the right one. Only to learn that she loves the dirt. Amanda was raised in the heart of racing, always admiring her mother and fathers racing skills. Being introduced to racing at the young age of just two months in the Dumont Dunes, where she had her first ride on a quad. Today, you can never get Amanda to turn down a ride in the sand rail. Amanda also loves motocross, monster trucks, quads, short course and the desert. When Amanda was young her dad raced desert. When she was with her dad in the garage, she would love to sit in his trophy truck. Amanda would hang on the bars, do flips in the seats, and walk on the roof.

When she was three her parents taught Amanda and her brother Branden how to ride bicycles, introducing them to BMX. The family traveled the entire west coast racing BMX always bringing home the big trophies. Eventually Amanda wanted to race something with a motor and started go carting at age six. Starting off slow and learning eventually turned into breaking a lot of track records at her local track (Las Vegas Motor Speedway) beating the boys in a male dominate sport. She always looked forward to the weekends because during the week she had a full schedule of figure skating, ice hockey, and homework. After learning and perfecting the basics, she moved on to racing short course. Today Amanda is racing a Mod 450 and a J2 in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series. Amanda is always striving to beat the boys and working towards accomplishing her dreams of being a monster truck driver and is half way there.